Chrosziel MagNum 101 Single Channel 2.4 GHz Wireless Follow Focus Kit

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Single Channel Transmitter and Receiver
Heden M26VE Digital Motor Included
Fluid-Drag Control Knob
Auto and Manual Calibration
OLED Menu Screen
Operates on License-Free 2.4 GHz Band
Port for Optional Gooseneck Lamps
Uses Sony FM50 Batteries

Remotely control your lens’s focus with Chrosziel’s MagNum 101 Single Channel 2.4 GHz Wireless Follow Focus Kit. This system includes Chrosziel’s single channel MagNum transmitter and receiver as well as the necessary power and cabling accessories to use the unit right out of the box with the included Heden M26VE digital motor. The MagNum unit is compatible with motors that use a 7-pin LEMO interface.

For easy operation, calibration is automatic with lenses that have hard stops. If you use stills lenses that don’t have stops at close focus and infinity, a special calibration mode allows you to manually calibrate the focusing distance. To adjust the settings on the MagNum, an OLED screen and directional buttons provide an intuitive interface. Record start/stop can be controlled from the hand unit if the camera is connected to the receiver.

The MN-100T hand-controller transmitter is designed to be ergonomic and can be used in either right or left handed configurations. If you have existing Aladin focus marker disks, they can be swapped out and fitted to the MagNum hand controller without modification. The 2.4 GHz antennas are internal and won’t interfere with the ergonomics of the hand controller. The hand controller can also be mounted on other hardware by way of multiple 1/4″-20 threaded holes.


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