Anton Bauer Digital V90 Battery

A high quality V-Mount battery line with significant improvements made to the traditional V-Mount design, setting a new standard for the industry. The V90 offers world-class levels of safety, performance and reliability in a sleek design. The easy to read LCD displays run-time when attached to equipment, and automatically changes to show battery charge in percentage when not attached to a device.The easy to hold, rubber mold helps grip, cushions shock, and protects against accidental drops.

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There are in-buit sensors that detect temperature and over-current states making these the safest batteries on the market. These sensors detect when the battery is too hot or too cold and trigger a shut down until the temperature is back to normal.. Designed to the demands of broadcast and cinema digital cameras, the Digital Battery Series employs an algorithm that addresses the issue of “ringing” common to digital cameras. Where batteries are commonly susceptible to sporadic bursts of excess power draw, this algorithm smoothes out the power draw, in turn affording longer lasting, more predictable runs with a particular camera and overall longer life. Updated “honeycomb” design provides mechanical separation between each cell in the pack to allow for airflow and to isolate cells from potential cascading damage.


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