Anton Bauer Dionic XT 90 V-Mount Battery (Li-ion)

The Dionic XT Battery from Anton Bauer is a V-mount lithium-ion battery that supports a capacity of 99Wh. It has a 12A constant current capability and is designed to power 14.4V cameras and LED fixtures. This battery comes equipped with a multi-mode backlit display (with touch switch for backlight activation and mode selection) as well as a USB and a P-Tap power output for accessories.

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Use the Anton Bauer Dionic XT90 V Mount Battery to power your V mount camera or other pro video gear. The lightweight lithium-ion chemistry can provide up to 12 amps of current on a continuous draw and support peaks of up to 20 amps for two seconds. At the side of the chassis, a backlit LCD has battery capacity information so you know when you’ll have to swap out one battery for a fresh one. Using the P-Tap and USB ports, you can power essential accessories on your rig or other small electronics.


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