Bright Tangerine Viv Matte Box Kit 2

R1,700.00 per/day (Excl. VAT & Insurance)

Viv is a compact 4 x 5.65″ matte box featuring an expandable design that allows attaching additional filter stages. It’s also a hybrid matte box, supporting clamp-on, rod-mount, and swing-away attachment, providing the flexibility to switch between studio and handheld modes. Viv features a 150mm clamp-on rear attachment that you can downsize with numerous Bright Tangerine reduction rings. It will cover lenses as wide as a 14mm Cooke S4 and still use 3 filter stages, as well as a RED Pro Zoom at 5K.

Bright Tangerine Viv Core 2
3 x Bright Tangerine 4×5.65″ Horizontal Filter Tray for Viv
Bright Tangerine Top Flag for Viv, Viv 5″, or Misfit Matte Boxes

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  • BRB12511028-Stage Core Matte Box
  • 2 Rotating 4×5.65″ Filter Stages
  • 1 Fixed 4×5.65″ Filter Stage
  • Includes BRB12511028 Filter Trays
  • Carbon Fiber Top Flag
  • 150mm Clamp-On Diameter
  • Carbon-Fiber Construction
  • Lightweight and Robust Physical Design

Whereas traditionally filter stages are fixed within the matte box, Viv is designed with one fixed stage onto which you can attach and stack up two additional ones, and the additional ones can be rotated 360°. At the click of a button, the individual stages are easily separated. One of the benefits of this is that the stages become very easy to clean since each one can be handled separately.


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