Broncolor HMI F800 Lamphead


Optimized for use with Broncolor’s HMI F800 lighting systems, this HMI F800 Lamphead offers 800W of output and can be used with an open-face or PAR reflector with a range of lenses, a Fresnel lens, a softbox or a Para. The lamphead complies with protection class IP54, so it can be used outdoors in any weather without any additional protection.

Focusing function
Connection to Broncolor Para with 33.489.07 Para adapter
Compatible with:
44.202.00 24.6′ Lamp extension cable
44.203.00 32.8′ Lamp extension cable
44.204.00, 65.6′ Lamp extension cable
44.104.00 Bulb 800W BA 800/UVC/SE/HR
44.110.00 Bulb 800W CSR 800/UVC/SE/HR


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