Broncolor Pulso G 1600WS HEAD

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Sleek, and exactly balanced for ease of handling and transport. Sturdy Noryl Housing. The Pulso’s light angle may be adjusted by a rotary knob fitted on the side of the lamp base. It utilizes an integrated tilt mechanism for continuous tilting for stand or suspension mounting. Focus is possible within a 26mm range, resulting in illumination angle adjustment from 60-90 with a P70 reflector. The Pulso lamp base features a user replaceable flashtube. No tools are required to replace this “plug & play” flashtube. The lampbase also comes standard with a protective glass dome that surrounds the flashtube for an added margin of safety. There are also many optional glass domes that come in a variey of coatings so that you have added control over the color temperature. The Pulso series heads feature the standard Broncolor Bayonet Mount that accepts all Broncolor reflectors accessories. The lampbase is fan cooled for increased protection under the most demanding applications. The Pulso lampbase features halogen modeling lights that burn brighter and last significantly longer than a non-halogen incandescent bulb. A 16′ (4.8M) cable is included. Additional 16 or 32′ cables may be used for light heads that are in use at greater distances from the power pack.


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