Canon CN-E 20-50mm T2.4 Cine Lens (EF or PL Mount)

  • CN-E 20-50mm T2.4 Lens
  • Lens Hood
  • Hard Case
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Constant T2.4 aperture: This means that the aperture opening does not change as you zoom in or out, which is important for maintaining consistent exposure throughout a shot. This is especially useful when shooting in low-light conditions.

Full-frame coverage: This means that the lens can be used with full-frame cameras without any vignetting. This is important for capturing the entire sensor and ensuring that the image is sharp from edge to edge.

11-blade iris: This produces smooth, circular bokeh, which is the out-of-focus blur that is often used in cinematic lenses. The 11 blades help to create a smooth and natural-looking bokeh.

Internal focusing: This means that the lens barrel does not extend as you focus, which is important for maintaining the balance of the lens and for avoiding vignetting. This is also helpful when using follow focus systems, as the lens does not change length as you adjust the focus.

Weatherproof construction: This means that the lens is sealed against dust and moisture, which makes it suitable for use in challenging conditions. This is important for filmmakers who need to shoot in outdoor environments or inclement weather.

Modifiable firmware: This allows users to update the lens’s firmware with new features and bug fixes. This is a valuable feature for filmmakers who want to keep their lenses up-to-date with the latest features.


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