Lightstar 1000-Watt Tungsten Fresnel Light

R225.00 per/day (Excl. VAT & Insurance)


Featuring a clean industrial design that is lightweight and promotes passive cooling, the Lightstar 1000-Watt Tungsten Fresnel Light is a powerful lighting instrument. It incorporates a 5.1″ temperature resistant Fresnel lens that throws a hard tungsten-balanced light, and it features a 12° to 52° spot/flood adjustment. The worm-drive focusing mechanism employed by the fixture is reliable and well established.

The aluminum housing minimizes the weight of the fixture, while helping to dissipate heat. The fixture features a swing-away front that allows access to the inside for replacing the bulb (bulb not included), and the bulb socket incorporates a locking clamp. A baby-pin receiver allows you to mount the fixture on top of a stand. The yoke features a cord wrap post and cord for coiling the attached power cord on the yoke, and the fixture includes a 4-leaf barndoor setup that you can rotate to adjust your spill control.


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