Lightstar 1200/1800W Gorgeous Par Light w/Ballast

R1,840.00 per/day (Excl. VAT & Insurance)

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Lightman employs multiple-mirror reflection which combines Fresnel lens and parabolic reflector. Gorgeous Parlight doesn’t require external lenses.Original octangle structural design.

Original octagon structure design make the LIGHTMAN series own good appearance and effective heat dispersion at the same time it creates the conditions for excellent luminous efficacy
Focusing spot and flood smoothly by special mutiple-mirror reflector
Aluminum alloy casting light corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant
No external lenses required for spot and flood
Description 1.2KW/1.8KW,UV lens
LAMPS HMI 1.2KW/1.8KW 100V/128V G38/G38


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