Lightstar 575W HMI Super Spot PAR Light with 575W Ballast

R580.00 per/day (Excl. VAT & Insurance)

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The Lightstar 575W HMI Super Spot PAR Light with 575W Ballast is the way to go when you need a powerful light for sunlight effects, to punch through a silk or for street scenes. The system comes with a Fresnel lamp head with 4-way barndoors, gel filter holder, a yoke and a Junior 1-1/8″ mounting pin. The electronic 575W ballast uses 90-125 VAC mains power.

The efficient Lightstar 575W HMI head outputs 82,800 lux of light at 10′ with the spot lens, significantly more light than a 575W tungsten light emits. The included Spot, Narrow Flood, Flood, and Super Flood give you light quality and beam spread options. Dimming from 50 to 100% is possible on the ballast as is flicker-free performance up to 10,000 fps. The 9 x 5 x 4″ ballast is smaller and 10 lb lighter than the 575/1200W version and can be mounted to the light’s yoke – ideal for hanging overhead on a pipe or a grid. The unit runs dead quiet thanks to passive cooling and is IP23 weather-resistant.


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