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The RED Helium 8K Kit was created with the high-end professional videographers in mind! It comes with 3x EF lenses which allows for a wide variety of shooting styles. The matte box and follow focus that come with this kit top it off with that cinema functionality. Lastly, the powerful M18 light aswell as the RGB lights which are included allow for your creative colours juices to flow!

Bundling high performance raw video recording in a compact camera body, the RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC2 BRAIN with HELIUM 8K S35 Sensor is part of the 2018 unified DSMC2 lineup and is designed to be built up the way you want, to tell your story in almost any way possible. Since the DSMC2 form factor is standard, accessories from RED and other manufacturers can be easily attached to accessorize your camera. While other RED cameras use sensors larger than Super 35, the HELIUM is unique in that it allows for high-resolution 8K recording while using classic cinema lenses designed for the Super 35 film format. While 8K exhibition is not mainstream, the extra recorded resolution is helpful for VFX artists and for future-proofing your productions for a time when 8K is standardized. Nearly limitless lens options are available for the DSMC2 system. While this camera requires a separately available lens mount, DSMC lens mounts themselves are offered in different varieties for compatibility with a wide array of lens systems.

At 35.4 megapixels, the HELIUM 8K Monochrome sensor can resolve the finest details in a captured image and render smooth lines and shapes without the aliasing or “stair-stepping” artifacts found in lower-resolution footage. If you need higher frame rates, lower resolutions and wider aspect ratios can yield up to 300 fps. RED measured the HELIUM sensor as having 16.5 stops of dynamic range, able to represent both deep shadows and hot highlights within the same frame.


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